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Read on to learn more about Goats and Coconuts. 

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What does Goats and Coconuts mean?
A while ago, I went on a quest to live more naturally (hence, plants), and found that a natural life leads to a simpler life. I figured the best way to celebrate a natural life and inspired design is with a toast to the simple things... like goats, and coconuts.

What is your artwork made with?
It depends on the series! Some pieces are made digitally and others are hand-drawn, and then printed. The print is generally on 100lb coverstock unless otherwise noted. Original pieces will have the medium listed in the description (coming soon).

Are originals available for purchase?
At the moment, only listed prints are available for sale, but we're up for anything - contact us and we'll see if we have an original available for you. 

Do you do commissions?
Yes! Contact me with your favorite plant and any other details (size, use, number). I am also able to do sets (i.e. postcards, greeting cards, thank you cards, invitations, etc.). Visit my design portfolio for more info.

Where should I start?
I began with lavender, so I think that's a good place to start

Still have more questions? 

I’m up for a chat if you are.